Known Issues

This list should be mostly accurate. If you found a bug that isnt reported here, post it on our support forums.

Pending Updates Required:

  • Unitframes - update the Absorb Bar to use the oUF Heal Prediction version which is likely to be incorporated into the next stable version.

Known Issues:

  • Action Bars - issues for Monks (stances, bindings, etc).
  • Action Bars - no keybinds set when in a vehicle.
  • Action Bars - no keybinds visible on the buttons.
  • All Blizzard Frames - potential scaling issues with combat.
  • AutoInvite - messages from BattleNet friends not working.
  • Bags - cannot use items in/after combat.
  • Chat - Changing colours with the chat frame colour picker gets reset on reloading Workaround: Change the colors in the LUI options.
  • Combat Text - font settings in General->Settings->Damage Font/Size doesn't seem to change anything
  • GlyphUI taints - solution to this in the latest BlizzBugsSuck or !NoTaint addons, will investigate and see if I can incorporate it into the base LUI.
  • Interrupt Announcer - Always to raid when in raid.
  • Panels / Frames - the additional frames list only works for all frames if it ends with a comma, update to control the last even if it's not followed by a comma.
  • Unit Frames - Increasing the padding in power bars doesn't change the background so the bars move outside the background on the right side.
  • Unit Frames - Aggro border doesn't work for Party frames.
  • World Map - the resize drag "button" has gone walkabout.

Other Stuff:

  • Chat - Copy button not working. Have not been able to replicate - Mule.

Future Enhancements:

  • Auras - see if we can skin them using Masque.
  • Mini map - Color blind minimap tracking dots.
  • Consolidated Buff Frame - make it work/look like the Blizzard one - show what's missing.
  • Frames - add ability to hide LUI decoration in pet battles, possibly not just for pet battles but I really don't want to remove part of what makes LUI appealing.
  • Info Text - add option to sort "Gold" list (eg: alphabetically, by amount, etc).
  • LibDualSpec - add LibDualSpec support to have different layouts based on your spec.
  • LUI Button Frame - Add ability to change what the buttons control.
  • LUI Core - Detect and set Raid Addon frame for known raid addons during install.
  • Unit Frames - add ability to show a graphic for tapped mobs to assist color blind people.

Requires an update from Blizzard to resolve:

  • Random taint issues - caused by Blizzard bug with global _. Temporary workaround: /reload and try again.
  • Unit Frames - cannot cancel buffs using the oUF auras, have to enable the Buffs module (may be an impossibility, will investigate).
  • Chat Edit Box: Blizzard broke the ability for us to remove the requirement to press the Alt key for chat history.