Version 3.8.1

Written by Siku on .

- Updated for 5.4
- Core: Typing /lui no longer open the option menu in combat. (Unless previously loaded). This prevents "Script Too Long" errors that results in only 20% of the options being displayed.
- Bags: Fixed an issue where all bags slots became highlighted.
- Infotext: Added World Bosses Lockout information under raid lockouts.
- Info Text: Update Raid info display to handle displaying LFR and Flexible raid information.
- Unitframes: Fixed "fade others debuffs" and debuff frame color.
- Unitframes: Names on boss unitframes update properly on multi-boss encounters
- Unitframes: Changed number of boss frames from 4 to MAX_BOSS_FRAMES (which is currently 5).
- Threat Bar: Update to Experience mode - you can now show rested XP (both text and a bar).
- Threat Bar: Made Gradient color work for the bar while in Experience and Reputation mode
- Threat Bar: Small changes to text formatting.
- Tooltips: Fixed tooltips of NPCs within the Proving Grounds or while spectating a pet battle.
- Talent Spam: Update filters to include Pet talent spam.
- Vengeance: Updated module to make Vegeance caps at your full health.