Version 3.8.0

Written by Siku on .

- Updated for 5.3
- We no longer make selfish changes to the nameplates. This should hopefully eliminate issues when using addons such as Healers Have To Die.
- Hopefully fix taint messages when right clicking unitframes. This should fix reporting people AFK in battlegrounds.
- Cannot destroy totems from the TotemBar so we removed that feature to prevent ACTION_BLOCKED errors.
- Minimap coordinates had their strata updated to prevent them from hiding behind the minimap itself.
- The ThreatBar module's EXP mode now turns into a reputation bar when level capped.
- Updated OUF, this should fix the Color Gradients C Overflow errors.
-- Added TotalAbsorb module which adds an absorb bar to unitframes. It's currently anchored to the same point as the Heal Prediction, but may change.
-- Enabled Frequent Updates for boss frames
-- Runes will now be colored based on their type instead of position. This should fix a bug about Death Runes being Blood-colored after a reload for Frost DKs.
-- Warlocks should now always have 4 Embers or 4 Shards instead of 3. Mages now have 4 arcane charges instead of 6.
- Fixed the World Map for 5.3.
-- Added tick boxes to show/hide Dig Sites and Battle Pet Tamers.
-- Removed dependancy on LibBabbleZone which is no longer maintained.
-- Added maps for 2x BGs and Throne of Thunder.
- Fixed BlizzScale imporperly scaling only a third of the LFD/LFR frame.
- Added Friendship Support to the ThreatBar's Rep mode and won't display weird numbers when you try to track Brawler's Guild anymore.