Version 3.7.2

Written by Siku on .

Fixed all those bugs:
Shadow Orbs aren'tbeing displayed for Shadow Priests.
Demonic Fury and Burning Embers aren't being displayed at all for Warlocks.
Clicking on a battleTag or RealID friend in the Friends Infotext will fail to send them any message. You have to use the Social tab for that.
In the color options for the Unitframes, the 4th Soulshard and also the 4th and 5th Holy Power color options do nothing.
When you change the color theme, the Mounts/Pets button will not update until you reload the UI
Half of the character button on the micromenu is actually transparent
The micromenu will warn you that you havent chosen a specialization yet on characters under level 10.
The Guilds panel doesnt support Mobile Chat and will display them as in the same zone they were when they last logged in.
If you press "Restore to Defaults" for the Eclipse Bar colors, it will reset to the Soul Shards colors.
Profiles can't be created.
DruidMana is not showing properly.
The EclipseBar for Druids causes the unitframes to revert to defaults (Fix: Disable Eclipse Bar)
DualSpec InfoText will not detect your spec if you are using the 3rd spec of your class.
Watched currencies doesn't display next to your gold when you open your bags