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Update to V3 and V4

Written by Siku on .

I haven't done a front page post in so long, I'm absolutely sorry!

To start off, I released Version 3.9.5 to both Curse and WoWInterface (Haven't forgot about those guys this time)

Take note that many of those changes have been available to Alpha release for quite some time.

- All World Bosses are now included in the lockout information under the clock.
- Added option to change when cooldowns go from minutes to seconds, based on submitted code of Azhtyhx.
- Add Overwatch data for Battle.Net friends information (don't think this will cause errors, but don't have any friends in the Overwatch closed beta.
- Added support for the missing WoD currencies in the Currency infotext.
- Fixed issues with Nameplates

Also, a lot of people are still wondering if V4 is still a thing that's happening, or convinced that it wont. I released a few videos two months ago but I realized I never made a front page post about it, so unless you checked the forums, my twitter feed or you were a Patreon Supporter, then chances are you missed them. Here they are:

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