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Version 3.8.3 is available!

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.8.3 is now available on Curse and WoWInterface.
As i've mentioned in a thread about the status of V4, I got out of a depressive state last month and it feels great and then I was shocked to realize that we havent released stable release in over 8 months. This fact is made slightly easier to digest when we've been in the same major patch for the past 10 months! Regardless, we definitely should've released something in the mean time. For those wondering, while V4 does sound like vaporware, it's currently being developed at the fastest it has ever been and performance seems improved across the board (so far)

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.8.2 and 3.8.3, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions.

- Added a new Artworks module that allows you to disable parts of the LUI art that wasnt configurable before.
- Infotext: Added support for Battle.Net App client in the friend list.
- Infotext: Guild tooltip now hides realm name by default, an option can be found to alter this behavior.
- Unitframes: Name format can now display Level with no associated Name.
- Unitframes: Fixed bug when buffs/debuffs get applied.
- Unitframes: Added Monk's Renewing Mists to the RaidFrames.
- Unitframes: Fixed a bug with the Shandrala unitframe layout that caused weird :SetFont() lua error. If you're still having it, reload the layout or change it. (Sadly, at the loss of your current unitframes settings)
- Micromenu: Replaced the Help button by a Store button to reflect the Blizzard micromenu.
- MirrorBar: Border default width changed to 4.0 (up from 2.0) so the border attaches to the bar rather than float slightly away from it.
- MirrorBar: Added a new option to enable an Archaeology Digsite Progress Bar.
- Threat/ExpBar: Fix background textures.
- Threat/ExpBar: Added precision settings for Experience and Reputation mode.
- Threat/ExpBar: Fixed bug that occur when the bar/text color is set to Gradient.
- Chat: Fixed a small positioning bug that can happen on reloads.
- AutoInvite: Now works with guildmates that are on another, connected, realm.
- RemoveThatBuff: No longer tries (and fail) to remove buffs while in combat.